Server 1818 completely locked up

This isn’t a personal issue, it’s a server issue. Chat works, hunger/thirst day/night works, nothing else does for anyone. Can’t open crates, can’t grind mats, nothing. About every 5 mins there’s a blip of update, but that’s it. PING was over 1000 earlier for someone.

Three hours and it hasn’t improved. We were all kicked out, I got back in later, but my body and gear were gone – no map icon, no body where I last was. So it looked fixed half an hour ago. So I suited up, again, from scratch, and it kicked everyone out, again. WTH? I’m posting here because people should just be aware that this happens sometimes. Please fix. And Happy Independence Day, everyone!!

Others are having same problem on other servers, so this is last post from me. Apptly there will be a reboot tomorrow a.m.

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