Official Pve 3060 broken decay system or dissapering stuff

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [EU]

[PVE Official 3060
Clan “Mandatory name”

I am getting incredibly annoyed with logging in to find things have dissapeared. Less than a day before noticing that my friends mining and crafting camp had completely vanished I had been online. He tells me he’d been there less than 18 hours before he logged in to find all of it gone bar a couple of torches and some pets. And then today I log in to find my tier 3 mitra shrine with archpriest had dissapeared over night too. I didn’t complain when my 11 animal pens dissapeared when there wasn’t enough time for them to have had a good reason to, complete with countless greater pets still in them, but I have got to the point where I need to know; is this going to be fixed, can you give me my stuff back and if not then tell me so I know to stop waisting hours of time on your game for it to just up and vanish AND if this is going to be a ongoing problem which won’t be fixed then I feel you owe it to your customers to give them notice that everything they do could and likely will vanish at some point over night with no good reason and no possible remedy so they know not to waste their time and effort on it either. ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

They will definitely want to know if you have checked your event log. And if someone could have drug a boss thru your base. Good luck

Hello @Thegingermessiah75, welcome to the forums!

We’ll need additional information in order to determine what happened, could you please share any relevant information present in the event log?

Also, did you keep track of the decay timer of any of those structures?
Were they placed on foundations or over terrain?

Hello, I figured easiest way to show you is to share video and send link. You can see in the event log in places that items have change “back to normal” and then “decayed” in 12 to 24 hours. The items missing, or at least most of, wouldn’t have easily been destroyed by other players without there being additional losses and the shrine definitely had no logical or understandable reason to dissappear, as with alot of what has been lost.

The structures were place directly on the ground
The event log stated they decayed returned to normal and decayed again in less than 24 hours and the items missing, other than a couple of torches which “lost stability” dissapeared after decaying.

Thank you for sharing additional information, all the disappeared placeables seem to have decayed, which is possible within a 24-hour span for items that are not fully connected to your base.

We’d recommend placing everything over foundations that are connected to each other so that everything shares the same decay timer bonus, including altars and animal pens, and to check out the following video for further information:

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So how is it that only that one single altar decayed right near the other 2 that didn’t, how is it that all of the chests and other crafting stuff places on the floor at one base didn’t decay and dissappear where as all of them at the other did when all of them were all placed directly on the floor. If it were correct all of them would be gone not just those which did dissappear. How is it one of the 2 fountains placed directly on the floor vanished but the other one did not when they were placed at same time and the one that dissapeared was used more recently than the one that didn’t and it wasn’t a 24 hour span it was under 24 hours, more like 12 to 15 hours. Sounds like your system is inconcistent and there is no real logic behind it, basically it’s just accepted that it doesn’t work as it should and so it is deemed to be how it works.

It looks to me from your video that you’re not maximizing the decay timer. Especially now that the full decay timer is only 168 hours.

Items placed directly on the ground will not have 168 hour timer. Unless they are close to a full size build or wall. When I say close I mean within a foundation or so. Which isn’t possible with shrines since they have to be at least 5 foundations away from any other shrine.

I recommend that you make a repair hammer so that you’re aware of how long something has when it’s placed.

Even better connect items with foundations to share your timer with everything. If you don’t do this you will have to visit each item individually to reset the timer.

Higher tier building materials have a higher time multiplier as well.

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