Official PVE-C Server 1516 experiencing bad performance and ping

Basic Info:

Platform: PC
Storefront: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Server Name: 1516
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

Ping is a lot higher than normal, Cant log in. I’ve been playing on this particular server for more than a few years and usually my ping is around 60. since the update, at peak times it gets up over 500 and I’m not even allowed to log in due to maximum ping violation.

Bug Reproduction:


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same on 1977 infinite load screen

Same on 1010 and 1011.
Ping grows from normal 50-60 to 250-300, NPCs do not react to damage against them, teleport or constantly restore health.
At peak times from 16-22h it is not possible to play.

Greeting players!
Thank you all for reporting these situations with your repective servers.

In order for our team to properly assist you, assuming the issue persists to this day, could you please follow our Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket through our Zendesk platform:

Important: Please Make sure to select “Official server performance” as the issue type.

This way, our team can tackle each case properly and as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reaching out to us!