Official server #1100 crashing all the time

Game mode: Online official server #1100
Type of issue: Multiple crashes, happening everytime the server gets back up
Server type: PVP
Region: EU

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All the servers seem to be crashing after 2 or 3 mins of play ! … I even started a new game with no mods at all and i cannot reach the water before i freeze crash now ! …

Same with 1122. Reported it two days ago. Still geting worse. 2 min uptime, 15 min downtime

Rinse and repeat


Can you relay it please. 1100 still crashing every 5-10 mins

It’s probably not crashing, someone is hacking / ddosing it / exploiting / duping or whatever.
There was also some toxic dude that were lagging whole server so he can kill / raid people.
It was similar like 1111. Most of player from 1100 went to 1060 and 1200 and its fine.

Hey there,

We’ve notified the team so they can give it a look.
Should you wish to report an infraction, please take a look at our server rules where we lay out some guidelines for this purpose:

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my advice will be buypass funcom and just report straight to valve funcom wont take action becouse they dont know how to do it funcom id is also usles so only steam id is somehow a treat to those hackers becouse it is often conected to some account number.
the only power from funcom mods is to close topick as fast as they can.
we have similar problem on other server but we luckly got steam from both hackers.

Too bad some of this scums now hide their steam id / funcom and you can’t do anything about that. It does now show on player list nor console by pressing ~ key. I informed about that funcom but i guess they wont do anything like always. This game becomes playground for cheaters, exploiters and other scums. Private servers are abused by clans that belongs to owners or they just got randomly shut. SO THERE’S NO OPTION TO PLAY PRIVATE. That’s just stupid - multiplayer may as well non exist, it’s just for amusement of cheaters so they can have some joy winning unfair game.

Can you provide information on how do you report them to valve? I have no experience with that but if they have the same policy, that they “NEED MORE EVIDENCE” like funcom does, then i give up spending my time to investigate just to see: MIDDLE FINGER SAYING FK YOU, WE AINT DO ANYTHING.