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Hi @Ignasi, on the server 1149 1 hour ago 2 players go inside our base, but they go inside through the montain. I’ve seen them. Them raid all banches, killed them, and return back for take their loot. Is this legit? Please help us.

Your best bet is to report this incident using the procedure described in the official rules:

Bear in mind that Funcom staff can take a long time to process your report. I’ve heard that it can take them 6-8 weeks (or more) to do anything about it.

Good luck :+1:

6-8 weeks? Their raiding on this moment. Their are inside the montain and put the explosives inside our base. They have banches inside the montain, coords are b-c 6.

It’s what I’ve read on these forums. I’m not sure how fast they handle undermesh reports. Hopefully, they prioritize those, but there has been absolutely no transparency about how they handle reports, so I honestly can’t give you any hard data :frowning:

The one thing I know for sure is that posting public accusations against other clans is against the forum rules, so sooner or later a mod will close this thread. That’s why I pointed you towards the proper procedure for reporting, so that there is at least a chance someone will help you.

Thanks, I’ve send a private message to admin.

Que rápido (ironía), después de trabajar en tu base 6-8 semanas, ellos tardan 5 minutos en hacer la trampa, se van y tu te quedas con las manos vacías. Y los que deberían de ser rápidos para neutralizar a los que hacen las trampas… atención… tardan 6-8 semanas en aparecer para en teoría bloquear un ataque con trampas ( que rapidez, deslumbra por su ausencia).

Yeah right Srsmint. :crazy_face:

sidenote .You can not kill benches and come back for loot. The contents of the item decay in like a few minutes once demolished as far as i know.

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