Official server #1153 PvP - there is no Crocodile in Gallaman's Tomb

Game mode: Online - Official server #1153 PvP
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

There is no Crocodile in Gallaman’s Tomb even when the server have 0 players he is not spawning…
Second thing is there is no Purge on this server at all…

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I confirm both on Official server 1035 PVE-C

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Are you sure about no purge at all?
There had been tons of players with multiple structures being…

i.e. our male member base got purged a few days ago. (Rima here.)

As you might still remember, there was pillaring going on. Though there were rumor about them having bought that certain kittie clan on the server as they left the server shortly after the priors alpha leader and even gave everything to said runners clan…
So there are a TON of structures. But dont fret. Once the august 13th hits, the decay timers will go down to a week. I dont know wether stuff which was at or below 264 hours will decay instantly or if the timer will be reset to 144 hours…

Anyway. With each other player or clan structure on a server, the chance of getting purged gets lowered. Because 24 purges per day isnt much PLUS its only a maximum value. Obviously it should be possible for no purge to be triggered at all.

On my server, and ofc I cannot be 100% sure as I’m not online 24/7 and purge setting was changed to happen on offline full meters also(which I totally disagree with) so it could happen on inactive players, but if someone would see it it would be talked about in the chat. So I’m pretty sure it is none or close to none atm. The new patch aimed for tomorrow will include some fixes, so fingers crossed.

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