Official server 2729

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [USA EST]
Platform: [Xbox One X]

Official server 2729 needs reset…can’t connect to host. Have tried restarting Xbox, deleted saved data, reinstalled game, played single player for a while. Other servers do load for me. I am not wishing to restart again. I’m level 60 with 7 of the items needed to remove the bracelet.

When trying to connect to server it gets to the loading screen. Makes it about half way into the loading bar before I notice it slows down dramatically. Makes it to about 3/4 of the bar before it kicks me to the main menu giving me the error message.

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same with 2725 for my clan mates needs a restart too

2111 for me as well

Well just woke up and tried to log in since i slept thru the daily server reset and I got in! Just to have the connection killed 5 minutes later for the hotfix. Let’s hope this doesn’t re-screw me over.

Finally updated again… logged in…30 seconds later…dashboarded…thought this was suppose to be fixed with these updates. ‘shrugs’

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2503 is saying it’s maxed 40/40 with a ping of 9999, then it changes to x/40 normal ping but still can’t connect.

2728 for me, funcom is REALLY starting to suck.

Redwaiv, mine was doing the same with with the ping and number of people logged in. After it cleared to the appropriate numbers it let me log in.