Official Server #3000 disappeared?


Does anyone know what happened to Official Server #3000? I’ve been playing on that server for weeks, have hundreds of hours into it and when I go to load the server now it’s not showing on the list. I’m confused, was it removed or something?

Can anyone help me with this?

There is no official server #3000. It was a private server with an owner trying to mislead new players into thinking that they are playing on an official server. It appears that they have decided to shut it down. In order to avoid such servers, make sure you select the official filter when searching for an official server:

There are a couple of these fake official servers, a few examples (there are more of them):

You will notice that their rating is not official but 0/5 which indicates that they are private servers and not official Funcom servers.

It was an official server… It was under the official server list.

Im not a “new player” i’ve been playing conan since it released years ago. I know how to search for official servers. It literally disappeared.

If you are 100% sure that it was an official server, submit a ticket to ZenDesk:

P.S. You have tagged your thread with pc, we don’t have official PC servers with 3xxx numbers, we have 1xxx and 6xxx, the 3xxx are PS4 servers afaik.

Thanks for the info Narelle, I’ll go ahead and try submitting a ticket. I’m like 99% sure it was a true official server and so are my clanmates, and we’ve been playing Conan for years on official servers. There’s definitely a possibility we got bamboozled though.

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