Official server 3034

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc] Access and Misc
Region: [Here] Europe

[Free text] Good Evening. My nick was Kojiro1974
As i have reported server 3034 was down
and the buildings of our clan are invisible.
Last night I disconnected from the game regularly
(you probably can control it on your backlog)
but today i found my grave and my PG was blocked
in a center of a river so i couldn’t
recover my rare items. How can i do?
They were:

  • Khitan Captain Helm
  • Khitan Captain Dingjia
  • Khitan Captain Bracers
  • Khitan Captain Tasset
  • Khitan Captain Boots
  • Broken Glass (x2)
  • Solspeil

Thank you for help

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

On what kind of server are you playing? PvP or PvE? And also make sure to check your Event-Log to see what happened to your items.

Unfortunately funcom can’t replace lost items in game. Luckily (except for the solspeil) the items you lost are fairly easy to obtain again.
Good luck.

Hello @Kojiro1974, welcome to the forums!

We’d recommend that you check the Event Log to help determine what happened to your character after you logged out.

Even in PvE servers your character may be killed while offline, especially if you log out somewhere that’s not safe or sheltered, since the body persists in the server.

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