3011 official PVE server crash

Game mode: ONLINE
Region: EU

Wondering if anyone else had an issue with not being able to connect to EU official PVE servers? Mine was stuck on load screen forever. When I finally got back in 3 hours later - everyone in my clan had died and lost everything. I’m not sure if this happened to everyone on our server but I’m willing to guess it did. Is there any way Funcom can restore with backup? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Login to EU PVE OFFICIAL 3011
  2. Wait 3000+ hours for game to load
  3. With successful load, find your naked body
  4. All of your belongings have since decayed.

Hello @Rmrne, welcome to the forums!

Server #3011 seems to running without any issues, the automatic daily restart that took place 14 hours ago had no additional downtime other than the expected.

Could you provide further details regarding the exact time this happened and whether all of your clan members were simultaneously online and had any revelant messages in the Event Log?

Hey @Hugo

Thanks for the reply. All clan members were unable to login between 2am and 5am server time. So around 21hr EST until 00:00 EST. I was the only person online and then my clan mates all tried to sign in but couldn’t.

We all got messages server currently unavailable / can’t connect and everyone died within that three hour period and we lost all of our stuff. It should also be mentioned that prior to that connectivity issue, our castles were not loading exterior facades and we could see through them. After waiting 5-10 minutes, I signed off and restarted console which is when this issue started. I died at 21:15 or so and clan mates died around 22:30. EST. I reported the issue to Funcom three times via your online form.

And regarding the Event Log, can you check if there are any messages related to your character’s death and how it died?

Sorry about that @Hugo Attached a screenshot for you regarding my character and server. Neither of us were online when this happened.

As you said there is no indication of server issues but we were all unable to connect for about three hours.

Any ideas? Thanks again! X

Thank you for sharing these screenshots, we’ll relay the issue to our team so they can determine what could’ve occurred.

@Hugo it is happening again right now. Server load stuck at 100%, clan mates all unable to login after logging out to try and refresh castles loading. Everything is just a hallowed out shell. Also, in a photo where my teammate is standing in a rock it is where my body is but my body is no where to be found.

It is happening again at the same server time.

@Hugo we are all unable to login to server 3011. Just our clan is having this issue. I asked everyone else on the server and they didn’t have any issues dying or losing things. Perhaps it’s just our timing?

Hey @Rmrne, does this only occur for the members that are trying to login into your base’s area?

Should any of you be able to login outside of that area, are you able to approach it and have it load without issue?

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