Official Server 3894 Barrow King will not spawn


Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]

We are on Official Server 3894 PVP and the Barrow King will not spawn in. He hasn’t spawned in since we started on the server about a week ago. Please fix


Same problem. He’s actually there, he’s just stuck underground. I’m on server #3515, this has been a problem for over two days.


have you tried using poison gas to get him to agro you, then lead him to the center of the cave?


it’s not actually a bug sadly, we too just moved to 3894, went to go farm him for map room and explosives. But, like the rest of the server some people decided to block off important points of interest. ( look at most of the obys, some one tried to block them all off). If you look far above the barrows you’ll see a structure ( the biggest is marked with a level 3 alter). There are however 2 structures up there, by two different clans. After searching around, found that even though they are far above the barrow, they still stop the respawn of the king. This was possibly on purpose so no one could mass farm explosives and give them a run for their money. Why the building so far above it affects it should be the problem. not sure if we will stay on server or just flat out quit, most of the servers seem to be just as cancerous.
And no, it is not spawning underground, you do not hear it and peppering the floor with gas orbs does nothing


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