Official Server 1818 PVE-C Barrow King Bugged

Game mode: Official Server
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: America 1818

The Barrow King is bugged out. Even after the daily morning reset of the server he doesn’t appear in the dungeon. This has been going on for at least the past few weeks but with discussion on the server he has been bugged out for a while now.

Have you checked for any structures around and above which may be blocking the spawn?

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There is nothing in the cave that i have seen, I haven’t checked outside the dungeon.

Narelle is spot on. I could (solo admin) place foundations above and west of the entrance that blocked respawn. If some nefarious person were able to place one foundation in the right spot, even pushed underground, it would prevent the respawn, even after server reset.

Investigating is simple, finding, not so much. Take a thrall above the entrance and try to place him on guard. If close enough to the entrance you will see ‘Thralls are not allowed here’. Head west and repeat. If you get a message similar to ‘This land is already claimed’ someone has placed a block(s) there, preventing a respawn. If you do not see a foundation, keep trying around the area until you have a sort of circle where you can place the thrall. The structure is in the center.

That would solve the why, but not the what do I do now?. You need to find the block, determine the owner, and try to get him to remove it, since there are no admins on official servers. Other than a success, the only thing that comes to mind is a very specific request to @Ignasi or @Hugo for help.

Two things may happen. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the devs will correct a problem on a specific server since it can be repeated easily and they have limited resources to devote to something like this, but who knows? The second thing, and quite appropriate, is to implore the devs to restrict building anywhere that would block a boss spawn, starting with those that are achievements or required to progress in the game.

Good luck and let us know what you find, please.



Edited PS: Since yours is a conflict server, during raid time, destroy the damn thing. Wait 20 minutes or more, then see if he spawns. Although unlikely, respawn could require a server reset.

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