No king scourge

Game mode: [Online official ]
Type of issue: [ Misc]
Server type: [ PvP]
Region: [1088]

I think there is something stuck in the colum, a tall brazier, to the left of king scourge when you enter, because he does not respawn, I have been waiting for 2 hours and nothing

Nobody?, not even, “we are on it…”

You can disable spawns, by building “over” it. So cave-spawns can be easily destroyed.

I dont know about the black keep…

In soloplay, I have prevented resource respawns inside the silver mine because I built structures above it on the regular map. So it is possible (unless that was a bug) to do that, even though you go through a loading screen.

It’s very possible to disable spawns in official servers by simply building above/near them, even if it is inside an instance cave.
Funcom has corrected a few places over the years by adding no build zones but they stop because people started to complain about the game been “too restricted” on where I can build.
I bet you someone pop something above ground and that’s preventing the King from spawning.

If that’s what is causing OP’s trouble, then it’s a case of griefing, and probably not a bug.

PvP server tho, it can be solved by the players


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