Official server Bug after new update

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3062 - g - portal

Bug Description:

no longer auto transfer in to the dismantling bench or when putting thralls in they do not go in to their slots on all benches you have to manually put them in, there is also extreme lag on the server please fix…

Also Im no longer able to use arrows as they are not firing from the bows Please can this be fixed…

Bug Reproduction:

updated the game to new version.

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Possibly completely irrelevant, but are you using the original/sony ps4 controllers or are you using third party ps4 controllers? I have seen some weirdness in the past that only affected third party controllers.


Im using the original ps4 controllers i have since read other posts and this bug has come up since the new update that was released hopefully the Dev’s relese a patch for this as it seams also some merchants you cant buy supplies from also.


Was working fine before the update. Same on xbox.


Welcome to the Forum. Using ps5 since update thralls have to be manually moved for us on official Siptah server. Going to. Make a dismantling bench shortly. #secret-world-legends @dudesmyth1979


On ps4 i used to be able to just click the R2 button and they went in the thralls slot and since i updated the game this is no longer the case same with the dismantling bench but thank you for your help on this.


They continue to change things day one player I guess we need to adapt

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This is like you have bought a car which comes with windows you can open and close with press of a button. You take car to service, you get it back and now you have to manually roll the handle to open and close.
This is not a change to better.
Update supposed to make it better not worse…

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