Official server deleted after update?

I never paid attention to what server I was on it was under my favorites, but after your update the server i was on is gone. I spent a lot of hours on a pvp server getting him to 60 and 2 large bases, my map, my vault, only for it to be deleted with no notice. How are you all gonna fix this? My ps4 ID is o–SKITZ0–o. I’ve been playing sense day 1 even prepaid for it but if I’m gonna waste time playing only to have random servers deleted I’m done with this game.

you shoul dhave paid attention to what server you were on. after the update some servers got new ip’s removing them from peoples favorites.

I did pay attention and my server is gone.

can maybe find it in the server tab on steam

Im on ps4 and my official server is deleted

Same as, im done. No dlc for me

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What happened to Official Server #3804

Any reply from someone affiliated with this game would be great. Even just a we are working on it. I’ve seen a ton of comments like mine with no replies.

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Ps4 server down as well please help. I been playing 20 days straight, 7 to 8 hours a day. I don’t know what lifes like without it. I need it up today by 730 the latest cause thats when I’ll be off work tonight. Thanks

Well while waiting for you all to fix our issues of wasted time due to you lost servers on an “upgrade” I thought I’d try a new server…big mistake. I played for about an hr built a house with a bed in the frozen land, logged out for about 2 hrs only to log in and find my character had been restarted at the starting point along with like 20 other unconscious characters. Not looking like any server is running right.