Official Server Oceania #3975 PvE Not Appearing


I can not see any of the American, Oceania, Japan, or LATAM servers. What’s going on? Only EU and Asia appear.

Seem to be some PS4 servers currently offline but we’re looking into it and trying to get them up ASAP!


Thank you. I appreciate the quick reply. :+1:

Some additional info that may help.
Server 3890 shows.
40/40 players
version = Invalid
ping 9999
also submitted this info directly to g-portal.

Server 3515 USA please hurry lol I don’t want my stuff to decay and or get purged.

Seriously… this game would be one of the best games I’ve ever played if you’ll would just get your stuff together. I don’t know why it’s so hard to make a polished nigh flawless game in today’s industry with all the high technology at their disposal.

I miss when back in the day developers made games like they had something to prove. Not so much anymore; and it’s really sad. :pensive: :weary::disappointed:

From what i have read so far all official servers have been down for 6+hrs and only one very vague reply has been posted that they are aware of ths SNAFU and will be fixed at some point in the near future .
I do understand that stuff like this does happen every so often. Thats what ptr’s are for.