! Whyyy us server sstill down!?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [us]

[no us pvp severs are available]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.work at funcom
2.dont care about their fan base
3.Do not love his job
4.Make bad decision without any consideration about the colateral consequences

Lol. But yeah they’re still down

Go outside, take a walk, breath deep, learn that in life sometimes things go awry and that others are working hard to resolve it as best they can usually, because people are good that way. Than come home, browse internet for people caught up in Mao’s ‘great leap forward’, and relearn perspective for what is an actual problem to be upset about in life.


^ yes this

From this Thread

No answer… Instead of your ridicule lesson. Do you have an answer at my simple question?

The historic of issues happening on EACH patch release explain my attitude.

its been awhile since i been laid too, i know how ya feel. 8/

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No, it doesn’t. Have been on CE for PS4 since launch. The issues than to now, are not even night and day. Also, the official Twitter has acknowledged the server issues, like they always do.

And your question wasn’t even simple, or a question. It was you having a conniption over first world problems.

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I play on PC and having the same issues.

3530 has been down all day. For a minor patch? Come on guys you should know and do better.

This appears to be an issue on gportals end, the last few updates to conan have immensely improved lag, rendering, glitches, and all around content, I have bbn played the game on ps4 for over a year now, almost completely quit back in November when things were at there worst in my opinion. Give funcom a break, they arent some huge company.

Had people on my server complained hours ago . Server still down. One hell of a hotfix Yes day one player 1y year server owner this is BS. Come on guys I stand by you people but it is getting harder.

Hello @Invictus, thank you for reaching out!

All server and forums issues should be resolved by now, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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crickets …yay its quiet in here 8D

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