Came disconnected randomly now no Official Pve Servers shown for East Coast PS4 users

Game mode: [Online | PVE]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [East Coast USA]

At 11:45 Pm East Coast U.S. time I was disconnected from my server, reloaded server list /favorites/history, full servers popped up but was listed full with a ping of 9999. Now my server will not show up in favorite/history server browser. WTF… It is now 12:01 AM, still unable to refresh so I assume my guy will die seeing that I got dc randomly and now I won’t be able to look my gear by the time I am able to get back in…? Great… Anyone else in the Boston/NYC guetting this server issue/bug?

Server Official Server #3507 Ove-gportal East

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Server list pops up now (12:07am Est) only under (internet server option) official servers not showing on PS4 server browse/favorite/history. Only one official servers shows the rest are private servers.

I came disconnected too. Official Server #3512
Eat coast as well. Still can’t find my server in the list.

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Yeah, 12:34 am still my server will not show up for the list of officials on the East Coast. Really hope a sand storm does not come before I can log back in, I am like 100 feet from my mining hq…

I was lucky enough to be laying inside my walls with a sand mask on

Lucky, damn I’m not too mad aside from the fact that I had died with the pre-order Conan gear set that U finally finished crafting today. (I have tons of iron to rebuild it and the modded iron wels I made) but it sucks having to farm a bit more and spend time recraftibg and modding some of the gear and weps just because of an unstable server/server browser. I hope our servers did not get deleted/wiped haha.,…

Well hopefully since the servers crashed completely no time will be passing.

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I really hope the servers don’t get wiped

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You give me hope my dude, but who knows when they will come back in, I’ll probably be in bed by then I am trying to stay up so that I can log in whickly and out my homie in his shack so he doesn’t die.

Look at the bright side, unless they were the most garbage company ever, which is not saying much these days when it comes to game companies or, pretty much any company. That they will have to give some kind of compensation (in-game gift) or somewhat to all East Coast Pve Server users for having them pay $60 just to have everything lost within a few days of a release, setting East Coast Pve players behind all other regions.

I would like to see that. I want an unbreakable pickaxe

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I want that and Thralls that regain health and actually function and do not receive friendly fire or other Pve players attacks. One day man, one day.