Official server, same clan name

Hi guys, I ask if is possible use the same clan name of another clan. In an official server, a clan change the name, and now use our clan name. I try to called my clan like another clan, but i can’t do it. How some players can do it? In this screenshot you can see 2 players with the same clan name, but “cerberina” are not in my clan.

My bet is that they’re using glyphs that look the same, but have a different Unicode code point. For example, the letter “a” that most people use is Unicode U+0061, described as “Latin Small Letter A”. However, the glyph for “Cyrillic Small Letter A” (Unicode U+0430) looks exactly the same: “а”.


Maybe this is related:

There was an old exploit to make a clan with the same name and kick players from their clan. Thought this was fixed.
I would report that player.


Hello @rockvision, as CodeMage mentioned, it’s likely that they’re using unicode, which is something we hope to fix as soon as possible.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us through Zendesk as abuse of this exploit to impersonate other players and clans is something we can act upon:


That’s great news! I didn’t know the team was considering working on that.

I have submitted a ticket to zendesk about the issue and they responded with we can’t help you to contact the leader. In the report I even included the fact the clan leader was also kicked from the clan. Kinda aggravating that either A: these are copy/paste responses from a toolkit they use B: the employees can’t be bothered reading the reports thoroughly and are just assuming what the message is about

I have no idea what player did this. We have not seen anyone with our old clan name log in yet. They probably won’t either if it was done with an alt account or something. Which case I’ll never know

Or C : You did not explain it correctly.

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