TOS question about a "blank" clan name

On Official server 1530 there is a clan that has used some type of exploit to make their clan name blank so that it looks like they’re solo. They’re at least 7 deep, they’ve been terrorizing the server (Camping Obelisks, Dungeons etc.) and it’s making everyone paranoid of actual solo players and innocent players keep getting raided because of it. This has to be against the rules right? As a solo player myself this affects me.

On a side note: These people have been banned before. Recently. Their previous clan name was Silent Legion and Darfari Cannibals (sister clans). Since they’re perma banned for blatantly cheating, undermeshing, skybasing, speedhacking and pulling hitboxes… the works… they’ve used that notorious Russian CD key website to create entire new accounts for $2 to avoid the ban. If you’d like I can post screenshots of their bases and their names in the player list. Thank you.

If this is the wrong section of the forum to post this feel free to move it to the correct one. Thanks again.

PS: I’m a content creator so people like this make it almost impossible to make content. Content that is supposed to promote your game… unfortunately most of the videos get ruined by cheaters.

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Any mods or admins have an opinion on this?

Just posting as another player, Funcom does not want us naming and/or shaming here. I’m grateful you posted the clan names though, and I think they are general enough (despite being real) that this does not constitute a rule infraction.

Also as a predominantly solo Creator I’m very sorry if this has messed up your content. My hope is Funcom will explain about the naming convention and make it clear.

I am linking your thread to another one that has mentioned blank clan names in PvP, here it is:

so i dont get it, is blank clan name agaist TOS or not???

I don’t know that the issue is the name itself being blank. Follow me on this: if it were ____ Clan, we’d just call them the underscores. Or ---- is dash Clan.

What this exploit does is remove the appurtenance of Clan Name, making the owner look as if they are a solo. Kinda crummy, TBH.

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