Empty name. should this be reported?

So there I am, playing on server 1136, and then I am forced to check the player list, and I come across a name that is just a space, is this within the rules? or should this be reported?


You think that’s the big problem with that guy? He is a known cheater, he is using speedhack and even selling server crashing service. Last night he even wrote it in global chat. The big problem here is that funcom bans people for stuff like landlclaim or being a little toxic in the chat, where people can just use bombs to get rid of the land claim and mute people in the chat. But someone that uses 3rd party programs doesn’t get banned, even when proof is provided.

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I guess I should start learning his ID.

Additionally, since he had been recorded yesterday by another player (idk if it was you or not :stuck_out_tongue: ) he started flooding the server with something. IDK, maybe it is someone else, but it’s unplayable atm on this server.

Plus, look at this: 4 players, only 2 shown in the Players page. He usually has a buddy.

Ahh yes, there seems to be a DDOS attack against the server now, cant play in it. and Battleye kicks you after a while as a consequence.

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