Players from Server 1032 Official PVP

Hello, my name on Server 1032 is XX from the clan Nothing (renamed to other clannames also)

One week ago we got banned from Official servers with the reason 1 guy is cheating from u clan.

I Know, Clan Fear has Video’s of it but the videos are from another guy with the name XX. he haves the same name but with a . After this name. Also he takes the same clan name Nothing. also this name with a . Behind the name.

Sorry funcom but u banned the wrong persons, i got banned and also 3 other mates from this clan.

My question is: are there players from Server 1032 that can Confirm this for me please, because i really want to play this game, i have more then 1700 Hours in Conan and buyed all Expansions,

Also i dont know how to cheat

Please help me and the other clan mates

What a coincidence he has the same name and clan name, but with a period after it.



he does that to avoid being noticed

Not our first post on this forum about this issue.

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This is the first time Kooss has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

Welcome to the community


Ni hao? Or something like that ?

nobody here on this forum from server 1032?

I used to play there :smiley: I remember bunch of cheaters there but one undermesh guy by particular I dont recall names tho

Welcome to the community I know its abit back I hope your days have been fine & u have been exploring the forums & found ur places :slight_smile:

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