User is banned?

How you doing all. I noticed today upon trying to get on conan that me and my clan were banned from official server 2880. It’s a PVEC server and I made sure to go over every rule and regulation and I am 100% sure we did nothing wrong. Our clan had two main bases. Large but they blocked or covered no resources we handled purges and did nothing scummy on the server. However we did get a lot of complaints about the way we were playing. We were on a conflict server so come 6pm we were out and about killing everyone we saw until PVP time was over. We had many people telling us to stop but we figured that playing on a conflict server you just had to deal with it. We stayed away from new people and only attacked the “alphas” Of the server to steal their gear. I truly feel as if we were unjustly banned and lies or nonsense was created in order for people to take us out.

Edit: Xbox servers GT il rage ii

Wrong forum


Send a report to Zendesk and explain your situation

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