Clan name is different to the one that displays in the Player's List

There is a player that I have shared an Official Server with for over 3 years that has had the same clan name - let’s say ‘Leavening Agent Leaders’ for argument’s sake (not a real clan’s name by the way, and my apologies if, for some reason this is actually being used). However, in the Player’s List it displays as a different name entirely - let’s say ‘The Seldom Found’ (again, not a real clan’s name, and once again, my apologies if it is being used by another clan). I understand that he may have 2 computers running at the same time, but he is only using 1 account.

The player in question refuses to tell me how he’s doing it and it’s really confusing me.

I’m not sure I understand. If it shows “The Seldom Found” in the player list, how do you know it’s supposed to be “Leavening Agent Leaders”?

I know in my PVP stratagem days I would change the clan name to one while logged in and one (or none) while logged off to keep people guessing.


I know the person and I know his main base location (it is near to one of my bases).

There were 3 people online at the time of my query; myself, this person and a newby player (and remember, this is on an official server).

The newby player hadn’t even created a clan at the time, so no clan name was listed. The base in question showed it being occupied (240 hours) and when I looked on the Player List I noticed then that the clan’s name was different to the one I was seeing with my repair hammer drawn. I asked the player about it but he kind of laughed it off and didn’t tell me.

This is why I am confused. I hope I’ve explained it a bit better.

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As far as I know, names on the servers don’t have to be unique, so he could have a totally different account and simply created a character with the same name, but a different clan. Check if their actual player ID matches as well, not just the name


I think @erjoh is on the right path here.

A clan name change will be immediate in the player’s list.

But it is not on preexisting building pieces and only takes effect upon server reset.

Any additions to the structure or new buildings will reflect the new name.


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