Official Servers Admin abuse!

Funcom only supplies the game part of the product. All PSN and server issues are handled by sony and G-portal.
Funcom is the food provider
The resteraunt is Sony
The waiter/waitress is G-Portal.

If the food was tainted–Funcom would handle it.
If the order was taken wrong–G-Portal would handle it
If the tables aren’t clean when you are seaated-Sony would handle it.

In your case, G-portal has issues with the “order part” and they must fix it.
If they don’t you should talk to Sony–because these issues are happening in their “restaurant”-

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thats a terrible example if you know anything about business then you would understand that no matter whos to blame at the end because sony having multiple restaurants but one is no good then the waiters/waitress are out of a job and then theres no reason to buy the food so i would think that as the provider of the so called food if anyone in any business sees an issue they would try to reach out to resolve it to not cause profits to fall or the food to go bad i mean why wait for it to escalate to fix the issue if you are all a team then work together to resolve it thats how real business is handled not just brushed off for someone else to handle it. because at the end if i go eat at a restaurant and the food is terrible then no matter how great the waiter/waitress is why go back… its a team effort thats the point of having communities like this

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It is a good example of who owns the legal issues in each step.
would all be somehow tied to a outbreak of food poisoning, yes.
But after investigation the legal problems go against the one who actually caused it.

Beef provider provide tainted beef, then they will be in court.
Waiter handles food in a unclean way with dirty hands, i prove it, he is in legal trouble.
Restaurant fails health inspector check, they are in court.

You are wanting the beef provider to inspect the restaurant and hire supervise the wait staff.

no i would want the beef provider to work with who they are supplying in informing them that someone is tampering with their own product because again if the “beef” is horrible but the wait staff and other restaurants are good then only the “beef” is whats getting the bad rep

Funcom has already given you advice. They cannot pull data to check, but G-portal and Sony can. You are diverting your frustration at the wrong entity. That is what my example is. G-portal has data and actual employees that can help detects the things you are claiming. Funcom has answered your question, but because it doesn’t fix it right now, it is frustrating you. focus on the answer. direct energy at the people/company that can verify and help.

Well for the record, it’s not unfair to expect Funcom to handle contact with G-Portal, after all the business relationship is between Funcom and G-portal, not between players and G-portal. That’s assuming G-portal is the relevant entity, otherwise substitute them for whoever it might be. It may not be Funcom’s legal responsibility, but one could certainly see it as being their moral one as long as they supply official servers, ensuring those are run properly ought to be their responsibility as well.

That’s not to say that yelling at people on the forums is going to do any good (it isn’t), I doubt ignasis is the guy who’s making the call he’s just supplying information after all.


thank you i will try this for the Ddosing and i have messaged G-portal on twitter and included this forum

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its not about getting the issue resolved right now its about making it easier for a community that actually cares and its as simple as what @Kwalya did and mention what can be done and try to get me in touch with a person that can actually help not just hey we cant help go ask them and start this process all over because obviously being that there is a partnership then it should be a lot easier for them to get in contact with someone who can help than a player that has only access to forums and social media

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