Official servers with more slots?

I do not know how look the sittuation at PvE servers so this post is created for PvP servers mostly.

There is many servers where are no players and count of unique players per week is under 20.

Moreover that there are only 2 servers that has 40 players at raid time at the moment.

For PvP players it make no sens to start playing on server where is 10-20 players daily because there is no PvP!

So here I come with an idea of removing some servers that no one going to care about because no one plays there and rush a new one with a fresh start and more slots.

New servers may attract new and old players and even current players may want to try start from the beginning.

And if someone wondered why 70 or more slots then 40. PvP servers should have some PvP. Map is huge and even when there are 40 players online at one moment it is quite hard to find someone to fight him. If someone is not convinced, you should look at some private PvP servers. They are full long after the wipe. Why? The answer is simple, more people = more fun.

Devs I beg you. Do not let this game fall.

Aren’t there up to 70 slot unofficial servers??

They are not. Private servers mostly stand on public hostings and they are not much better then official. They are better with antyddos protection but thats all. Even more I can tell you that private servers have a lot of mods that are not meant to work together which increases lags even more. So thats not that big problem.
Yes, private servers can go higher but only when they stand on dedicated machine which is quuuite expensive compearing to the public hosting so for ordinary owner is pointless.

Funcom already stated so many times that this wont gonna happen because technical issues and Bottleneck Engine gap

More people means more stuff loaded at one time. Also means more basses and more decorations. All of that can increase latency. They made the server cap what is because it is the most optimal balance between player population and server performance.

The game can hardly handle a 10 v 10 clan war…

The biggest drain on server performance is the buildings and decorations. On a PvP server people build like 10x more then on PvE to protect there stuff. In a 10v10 clan battle they are throwing bombs at a building with 1000 foundations. That is a large amount of server power processing that on top of all the other buildings and decorations in the world.

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