Need bigger servers not more,

40 slot servers are not big enough, i don’t want to have 10 characters on 1`0 different servers just becasue every time i try to log in the server i’m on is full, this is ridiculas right now, come on Funcom fix this BS

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I personally prefer a more stable game so if that means having a 40 players limit then that is fine with me

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that is ok if you want to play solo or don’t mind grinding 20 toons on 20 servers, i have been waiting to get on my server for well over an hour now and all 57 eu pve servers are full!

Won’t adding more players cause more lag because all those players will have things and be doing things? Then, if the servers had 80 slots, what happens when all those slots are full and you still can’t log in?

I play on a 70 slot server.

Eventually you will need to move to a private run server. There’s no way Funcom is going to keep the Official Servers up forever. They have to pay Gportal monthly for them. Assuming they get those at half price, that costs them about $70,000 a month.

That’s practically a donation to the player base. As the game runs fine in Single Player and in most games Non-MMO servers are entirely run by the players.

Or it could be like EA, they run some servers and close the whole thing down, server browser and all to force you to buy a new game entirely.

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