Official vs personal/dedicated server, minor thing i noticed

I have many hours on official servers and still have fun.

A few days ago i started to play on 2 dedicated servers to check reliability and difference.

After a few relogs, moving and building i was level 30 on a x3 server.

So, when i relogged in my house i could clearly see my character wake up from the floor and standing up, and it looked awesome.

Not a big thing, but still it made me think, are there more things i do not see on officials?

On officials i allways stand where i left off, standing and often with hp bar at 50% and the red trim arround the gamewiew.
To get rid of the red trim i must drop below 50% hp, and heal up, then its gone.

But have funcom somehow made a cut in model animations to relief the server stress?
I noticed also the other day that some of the bushes did not animate like before, they just blinked out and disapeared after harvesting them, this was the small bushes.

Id like to know if anyone have had the same findings, are there more features, big or small that is hidden to save server capasity?

And also my gfx is more stressed on the unoficial server, i cant really notice big difference, but the temp is higher wich is an indication that there may be other things hidden here.

Not the same experiencie for me.

I play on dedicated server and never had seen my char wake up on load, and I have the half life bug that you describes too. Not sure about bushes thing.

Also I can see parts of my house falling down every time I load. Loot boxes doesn’t fill till I restart the server and every time I do so, some of my thralls appears under ceilings or crates and all the nude ones clothed with ghost clothings. And thats only a tiny part of all wonderful features this game reserves for their players. Quality of Life features I presume.

I am curious about something. Has anyone ever seen the instantly* completing purge bug on an unofficial or singleplayer server?

I played on official and a bit in single player and I’ve never seen that bug in single player. My sample size is small though.

*It’s not technically instant as the purge is announced then a short while later, it completes before it begins.

I see the building thing you mention on officials, not on the private i have tested, and it looks much better to vake up like that, feels complete one can say.
Makes me think that that are features implemented that players dont see on some servers, and thats to bad.

My thralls are also in the right place with my clothes on them on officials, but thats another story.
Havent gotten any thrall yet on private.

Weird, it must be something in the server settings i presume.

Others that have seen any of this?

I had purge on officials, but they attacked on a base i was a bit too far from.
After a while i got the purge complete and i “survived a purge journey”.

Another time i logged on just to see the message “purge complete” or something like that, apparently it happened while i was offline.

It seems they attack any of your bases at random, you see a red cross on the map where they will attack, thats all i have on this.

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Been playing on a friends server PS4 and didn’t have a lot of lag problems till few days ago character not competing loading and app freezing then his server was not showing up in search somehow ended up being turned off he turned it back on and the lag problems weren’t there anymore maybe try resetting your server like you got do with your router once awhile

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