All building pieces lost stability for entire clan?

Just logged in. PC. Official Server 1511. PVE. All building pieces for me and my clan mates have “lost stability” anything that was directly on the ground (torches etc) is still here. So confused as all the mats we had are now gone. Can anyone shed some light on how to find out what happened? is it possible to get it back? thanks.

Sounds like an admin wipe. Ask yourself this… have you built in such a way as to block access to and/or from any point of interest? Have you blocked access to any gathering spawns? Have you built in such a way as to claim a large amount of land? Have you built in such a way as to cause server side lag? If the answer is yes to any, if not all, of these questions, expect a clan ban coming too.

no is the answer. other than placing maprooms near obelisks but NOT obstructing said obelisks is only POI i was near. Thrall camp near one of my bases has “no land claim barriers” in place preventing building near them so that wouldn’t be it. No legendary pets were near any of my bases or rare spawns. If something had been done i wasn’t aware of (there are many in my clan) is there not some communication they give u as to the reason for an admin wipe? email? Surely if i/we were to be banned it would have happened at the same time? just looking for answers and thanks for your help.

Admin wipes don’t show lost sability. They’ll say the pieces were demolished.

When was the last time anyone logged in?
Has it been more than 7 days?
My guess is your bases reached a decayed state.

On official servers, no

I was on two hours before it happened. I am a very regular player that has many hours on each day. i have an active clan that logs on very frequently and i reset my timers on everything on avg every 3 days. Not one chance it got anywhere below like 150 hours. I was at all of my builds within the last 12 hours. I build the maprooms near obbys so ppl can teleport around no way anything decayed naturally. The msg in event log said everything lost stability, not decayed.

Funcom will demolish buildings for simply being near Obelisks. Even if nothing is being blocked.

This is correct also Funcom had a update that allows the game itself to wipe a base that is touching a oblelisk automatically without a admin doing it. Lots of players do not know this. Keep that in mind if u start over.

Thank you for your feedback I will keep this in mind. This may have been the case but I really don’t believe so. I have rebuilt but said maprooms are further from obelisks but I’ve seen other servers and even builds on this server that were closer with some build items. Either way I appreciate the feedback.

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Thanks for the reply. I def was nowhere near touching it but I appreciate your insight.

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