Official Xbox Servers Crashing

For the past week or so, a number of official servers we play on keep crashing, and it happens repeatedly. Between 1am and 4am EST, the servers crash and all players are disconnected. The servers remain down for anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. After logging back in, the servers will usually crash yet again. What is going on here? Is it a problem with GPortal? I have to wonder why Funcom partnered with a company that has such a bad reputation, as if there aren’t more reliable and reputable providers out there. Is it some kind of DDOS attack? Why are official servers having such a difficult time staying online?

Considering the game mechanics for offline players, potentially being stuck in very dangerous and risky areas, server stability is obviously critically important, and yet these server issues persist. And yes, I know there was scheduled maintenance and it is not that. Even before the servers crashing repeatedly this week, the servers aren’t exactly known for being stable or reliable. Is anything being done to address this glaring issue?

I understand the game has seen very increased activity since release on Game Pass, but a lot of us paid for the game before that. I appreciate the monumental difficulties involved in maintaining servers, hotfixes, and patches that keep Funcom busy. But when the servers seem to be crashing and suffering from instability, it’s difficult to even try to leave your base, knowing you might get stuck out in the world somewhere, unable to log back in until a later, unknown, time.

Hi @andtriage, thank you for reaching out and apologies for the frustration, we’re actively monitoring Official servers and in touch with G-Portal regarding any issues that we’re able to detect.

If you’re still having issues with a specific server or range of servers, please send us an Official server report via Zendesk as detailed below:

On a final note, the upcoming patch that is currently being worked on will provide several crash fixes and performance improvements, which will also help with server and client stability overall.

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Probably someone crashing server for a glitch on stats or something. Check player list and see if it happens with certain people on.

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