Officials EU PC PVP servers raid time set to 18h/23h instead of 17h/23h


Raid time is set to 18h/23h instead of 17h/23h (so 1 hour less) and sunday look strange 00h/23h (full day raid)?

Thanks to check and set back to normal raid time 17h/23h all days, like it was before since 2 years.

(And may be extend to 16h/24h for saturday and sunday?)

For the readers no complaints please, there is no obligation to be present in your base during all the raid time. For no raid there is PVE-C servers.

Some peoples work on evening, for example in a restaurant, bar, night jobs … and everyone must be able to have some raid time availlable. Not everyone has an office day time job 8h/17h! :slight_smile:

And playing on an US server from the EU is not an option due to the big increase of ping from 40 to 150+.

Thanks for reading.

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