Raid after 23:00 pm

Hello, last nigth after 23:00pm my clan and i were raid in our house, they destroyed walls at 23:51 pm in monday…the raid time according the server is 17:00 pm to 23:00pm so wtf. I have pictures of the log, i have used the exploit hunter tool but if anyone can help to report this guys or anything it would be nice.

what server?
The host server time is 17-23. if it is differnt than yours, it is possible they did not off time raid you.

I play on US East
17-23 est time zone. i live in central time zone, so for me it is actually 1600-2200.

Maek sense?

That’s the problem, i didn’t check the time zone that servers use, in my case is 18:00-24:00. Thanks anyway!

no problem. I wish the server menu would show the time zone. I have been looking for west coast one since launch. Better suited for my work schedule and life style.

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