Server Raid Time is Wrong

Hi There
official Server 1313 Raid time says 17-23
Last Winter time was actually from 17-23
when summer time came it wen back 1h 16-22
And now we back winter time but instead going back to 17-23 it actually went 15-21

Means every time there is a time change goes back 1h soon we will have raid time in morning!

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Yeah would be insane if this would be fixed. I saw some other servers had/having the same issue.

Hey @Maloeiro

Please be aware that this server is running under Moscow’s timezone and there will be temporary adjustments due to the daylight savings change.

So you mean goes 1h back every time we have a time change? Wasn’t suppose to go back to original time instead going 2h behind is normal time used to be?

Plus says server located in Germany

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guess wont be fixed

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