Officials get wiped?

Q: Will servers be wiped at full release?
A: All Official Servers will be wiped on May 8th. This means we’ll be completely deleting their databases, removing everything stored there. Everyone will start from scratch. We won’t touch private servers.

dunno what this means, but then i looked at the date and its way past this date
even so i wasnt aware officials ever get wiped…maybe check the info in freq asked questions about conan

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Yeah, it was wiped when the game was more or less in early-access/beta.
Why not link the source to it?

So what is the point of your thread?

Servers wiped a few times in early access.
to the best of my knowledge officials haven’t wiped since launch,
which is when you were looking at on May 8 2018

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oh this q and a is from ages ago

ok never mind then:Z

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yeah i didnt see a date and i was noosing around topics, my bad hehe

i was like uhm thats not good hehehe


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