Oficial Server 3985 Unplayable due to extreme lags

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash l Performance]
Region: Latin America

The oficial server 3985 Latin America region is currently unplayable due to a huge ammount of lags; Every time i log into the game i have to wait a very long time whyle the game lag a lot till it finaly get stabilized it’s connection. I have lost about five hours today just waiting to the lags to stop and when the game finally stop it and get stability i lost connection. I did run several internet connection tests and my connection is ok: 7,9 Mb download, 3,1 Mb upload, ping 18ms, so the issue isn’t in my end. The game need stability. This way is just impossible to play because every PvP server in latin America (is there only two: 3985, 3995) is in the same situation. 3995 is even worse. All PvE servers (3980, 3981, 3986 and 3987) works fine though.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Login into the game
  2. Lag too much
  3. More lags
  4. Five hours trying to play and being impossible get out of my base because i can’t even open doors whyle lag that much and plus, died several times because i can’t eat or drink.

Actually all South America servers (two) are currently unplayable: the #3995 is worse and i’ve spent five days trying to leave the desert area without success. Also died countless times for hungry and thirsthy because i can’t do anything in the game. Even creating a character was a pain. So when we’ll see the conection and performance issues solved? It’s been a long time since the game launch so it was more than enough time to fix that. When will Funcom answer those questions? Forum may help to make friends and discuss things but isn’t the answer we need.


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