Old Armorers Bench Lobbyists

I think they have too much power, it may be time for the people to make their voices heard.

I can understand moving the Bulk Plating out of the Blacksmiths bench, it isn’t meant for weapons after all, but how do these things keep getting put in the Armorers bench instead of the Improved Armorers bench??

Is there no way to free us of the shackles of the kiddie station during end game? Honestly the only reason I keep the lower level bench is for the reinforced climbing gear (which was a serious mind**** the first time to craft, trying to realize that you had to create the epic set in the new bench then move it to the old) but now the bulk plating and the gliding joints are trapped in there, if we could just defeat these powerful lobbyists and their non-improved bench special interest groups, we could finally be free of that extra bench during end game!

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