Old weapons retain extra armor pen

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Weapons that had the old 15% armor pen continue to retain the old settings. Myself and another tested both light and heavy attacks using 3 variations of the same weapon. The base weapon, the weapon + new mod, and a weapon + the old mod. The old did significantly more damage than the other two on both light and heavy attacks. Results were tested with max Vitality, and the rest of the attributes in encumbrance on heavy armor.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get 3 of the same weapon. One with no mods, one with the new, and one that has the old weapon attachment.
  2. Hit someone once with each after healing up every time.
  3. Notice the difference in numbers.

I feel like this change needs to be addressed pretty quickly, new players to the game otherwise are at a very large disadvantage.

It’s also worth noting that the legendary Blade of the Adventurer’s weapon damage is also now 75 base, up from 66.

Also want to note that the old Blade of the Adventurer was 66 weapon damage, and 13% armor pen.

That was changed with this new build to 75 damage, and 9% armor pen. However, modded Blade of the Adventurer didn’t lose the 4% with this new update. So basically a pre-patch, modded Blade of the adventurer will have more armor pen, and extra damage over other greatswords such as Telith’s.