Older Version download question

My partner and I are aiming to play the release version of Isle of Siptah.
The release prior to the Ages.
My download went alright and I am able to play it again.
However, while my partner was downloading via the Depot through the console command, she got as far as 68GB of the large content file downloaded until her area experienced a power “brown out”.
Of course, her PC had to shut down and she’s without power until it’s restored.

Here is the question:
Once her power is restored, she will have to go into the Steam Console again and attempt to continue the download.
Since the download was interrupted during the main download at 68GB of 114GB (File ID 440901 8182573873354332493) …
when she initiates the download again,
will the download pick up where it left off?
will she be forced to download that whole main file all over again?

I would appreciate helpful advice on this.

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Normally if you interrupt a Steam download, it continues where it left.

That said, unless your partner’s internet is from the Dark Ages, the only issue you should have is spending a little more time downloading the whole deal if it turns out Steam fails to continue due to an unexpected interruption.

Should be there. Verify game files once the download is done.

Sadly, we discovered with the power outage, she also lost download progress and had to start over.
It apparently doesn’t work the same way as when we are getting a download from an update to the game (through the official channels).
I guess the Depot download works differently in this case.

But thanks to both of you for the feedback.

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There is a difference between downloading and installing. If it is downloading, it will store in a folder the partial file as a “download file” most people never see. And it starts over.

If it was installing, which is getting that file and turning it into the game files, then it will start over any time it is interrupted unless the game is fully integrated with Steam to be able to do partial install.

It was the installation as you mentioned in your second paragraph.

The content file never had a chance to complete the download when her power was interrupted. When she checked the progress, it was at about 40GB capacity before her power was lost.

The next morning when my partner went to check the location at C>programfiles(x86)> steam> steamapps> content: All she could find was the primary target download folder that had nothing else in it.
It seemed as though nothing got through although at least 40GB had already been registered prior to the power loss.
So as a result, she had to pretty much start all over again.

Under normal circumstances if an update that is processing through the usual Steam channels gets interrupted for any reason, the usual download typically resumes pretty much where it left off when the connection gets re-established . (This has happen to me as well as my partner on several occasions in the past).

But this type of download is definitely not typical. It’s a full 114GB download.
I’m still unclear how this archive depot works, but it doesn’t seem to be the same way as a normal update/download occurs (the kind we’re most familiar with).

One thing of particular note is that this version is actually a completely separate installation from the version the majority of us are current playing (Age of War Chap 4). This version goes back before the 1st Chapter: Age of War came out. Although it still requires Steam to be open and running to be able to play the game, but with this there is no (3rd Party) FC Live Services connection associated with it.

So far, my installation has been running flawlessly.

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