How can there be a 65gb update?

So I logged into Steam to check out Conan again, imagine my surprise when there was a 65gb update waiting to be installed.

Is that right? I havent bought the new expansion and 60 gb seems like a lot of extra space…

A lot of it is updates and changes to the base game, so some of that size will disappear again after the download is finished. (Also, as I understand it, in order that people with and without DLCs can play on the same servers, everyone needs certain assets so that DLC pieces can be seen/interacted with by players that don’t have the DLC.)

So, short answer, yep, sorry, but that’s not just Steam pranking you :wink:

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Hey GetToTheBoat,

The Isle of Siptah DLC requires the base game to function.

You can browse this thread for some explanation:

If you have any questions, you should post them in the above thread.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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