Why do I have to download 60 GB of Siptah when I do not own it?

I am quite annoyed. So much so I may even cease playing Exiles for a time until this gets sorted.

First, I am being forced to download 60 gb of Siptah assets, when I have no interest in early access testing Siptah WHATSOEVER. I’d rather wait for the official release. I have no desire to beta-test.

Second, I cannot block the update, nor can I even play Exiles in Single-Player mode with Steam Offline due to the Funcom Services recently added.

I have no choice but to wait hours for a huge download that I have no real plans to even use. I haven’t bought Siptah, and now because of this, I may not at all.

This is a terrible way to treat Funcom customers.


It’s not 60 GB of Siptah assets. It’s an update to the game client that has both regular and Siptah content in it - and it’s not really possible to separate the two.

FWIW it’s quite common to not have different game clients even for different combinations of DLC ownership, so Conan Exiles is hardly unique in this.

That said, if you’re on a slow connection or even worse a metered one, I do understand the frustration.


I’m so incredibly pissed! I didn’t even buy the map and yet there’s still this huge 61gb update!

Why does "Fun"com not keep people in mind who have shitty internet?! Yes, shitty internet still exists and before you say: “Mimimimimi, how about getting faster internet???” - sure, want to give me $20000 (yes, 4 zeros!)? Because that’s how much it would be to put down fiberglass in my street!

Thanks with a fucking cherry on top, now I’m going to have to spend one week downloading this thing, not being able to do much else at the same time…

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So its fair to say that part of these 60gb are content that a person which does not own siptah will not have any use or interaction with?

60GB is massive


No idea. Patches to the core game can also be rather massive on occasion if they touch certain core features (this doesn’t always correspond to how massive the changes are for the users).

But it’s indisputable that some of the download is ‘wasted’ from the point of view of someone with no interest in the expansion.

Like I said above though, that’s pretty normal in games.

Limited data connection here. I could shell out an additional forty bucks for data just to download this but I’m not going to. Congrats whoever on my stuff in a week.

Ark has pretty big updates, usually already 1-2gb for small fixes and 10-20gb for a new map and even though they do make you download a new map too before you even own it, their updates have NEVER been 60gb/the full game.
No multiplayer game that I know does makes you re-download the full game, hell, I’ve never seen any game do that, multiplayer or not. It’s just Funcom that can’t get their shit together to do it properly.

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@Mikey welcome back :relaxed:

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Not having to re-download the whole game when there are bug-fixes means that people are suffering? I’d recommend switching on your brain before posting.
Also: Not everyone can get fast internet, read what I wrote further up. But hey, feel free to give me the money and I’m not going to write anything about updates being way bigger than necessary on this forum ever again.

Because 4556 items in the base game were changed with today’s update.


I confirmed that they did make some changes to the UE4 that is currently in use when the Closed Beta started. In addition to those changes, there are some fixes being applied to the core game. Lastly, you are getting the Expansion Update since it is considered part of the assets for the game.

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I had to download 60 GB as well but afterwards my SSD wasn’t filled up by 60 GB, it jumped back so I think it’s just that the files that you already have get updated. Sure, the game is now bigger than before but that is normal since a new map got added.


Why could Funcom have not warned us of this, I am blown away that I have to download 61gb to be able to access my game even though I have not got the expansion.
I am also in the ■■■■■■ internet category, this is going to take me 2 weeks to download, all my assets will be gone in which case I will not be bothering to play as that is years of progress gathered and built up, my lovely building gone all my pets and thralls.
If we had been pre warned we could have at least tried to make arrangements.

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Do you all want Funcom to “fix their bugs”, have better performance, and improve the game, or not? You can’t have the game be updated and not require to download updated and new assets.

Nearly every material, if not every one, had a new granite update done to it. Probably for performance reasons since that’s what granite is for. So you have to redownload those assets. And that adds up in a hurry.


Perhaps is has something to do with the measures against undermeshers, the new assets, the new map, enemies, etc :^)

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So your telling me you expected a 61gb download for everyone regardless of having purchased the new expansion or not, then why did you not let us all know in advance. As a ‘Chosen of Asura’ you could have advised us and we could have made some sort of arrangements in game to allow for the time needed.
Sorry if I sound salty but I am, coming in and asking if we want better performance and bugs fixing or not isn’t helpful.
I am a mature gamer and I have never raved and ranted in my life on a forum and if I could have sent a private message to Funcom about this I would have but you know, you can’t as you are redirected to the forums.
I have purchased every dlc and played this game since early access, I play on 2 servers with no mods so I am not waiting on mods being sorted and it will still take me a long long time to download this size update.
The impact of this could have been reduced with a little PRE PLANNING AND WARNING.

I am super irritated by this right now.

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I don’t think that associating the entire 60gb patch with Siptah content is entirely accurate.

When a game is updated, you often have to re-download assets which were part of the base game, if changes were made to them. How, and how much depends on how the content is packaged and is delivered.

Since the Isle of Siptah building materials and armour will be usable in either of the two maps, you will most certainly have to download those art assets. However, those should only represent a small fraction of the total download size.

I’ve heard in several modder Discord channels, that significant changes were made to how certain assets (blueprints?) interact with the game. Such that, any mod ‘cooked’ with the previous devkit will not work at all.

For example, there is generally a testlive option to convert your base game into a testlive client, in exchange for significantly smaller download size. The size varies, but is usually around 4-5gb, to accommodate anything new or altered. This time, the download size was 60gb. Since there was no time saved, I cancelled it and downloaded the testlive client separately. I inferred from this, that the day 1 patch would be rather substantial.

I realize that this is frustrating. Take a breather and, If you live in an area with good infrastructure, run the download overnight. There are those who are much worse off, particularly in rural areas; where the only internet connection available is phone tethering. I’ve been there myself, and have had to spend months downloading games piecemeal.

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I have absolutely no idea what roll you think Asuran’s are meant for, but do NOT lay some sort of grievance and blame you have over the size of a download at us or myself. I am not a Funcom employee. I am not paid. I already spent 10 straight hours on the dev stream summary write up so I could provide as much information as I could possibly give you. After that, I have been working non stop on my mod updates to give you all completely free content.

Somehow, that still isn’t enough. You are putting personal blame on me because I didn’t have the foresight to wake up at 5 AM when the update was pushed, to send you a personal DM, that it was going to be 61 GB’s to update?


You have to download is so you can not enjoy learning the game over with all the new changes.
My bud called hopping mad, left the game.

With some people, nothing will ever be enough. You could give them your firstborn and they’d complain it wasn’t twins.