Not interested in buying isle of siptah so?

As I am not interested in buying Isle of Siptah but I paid for the game, how can I get rid of it?

Dont buying it?

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You can’t, but if you really really really want to get rid of it then uninstall the game.


As far as I know, Conan Exiles DLCs are always distributed with the game. Buying them only unlocks them.

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I bought Conan exiles and have enjoyed the game as it was before june 2020, more than 2700 hours, as Isle of Siptah is an expansion you have to pay for, why didnt they leave the download optional for those who were interested in buying it?

And so, as I am not going to pay for Isle of Siptah because I want to play the game I paid for, how is funcom going to fix that?

I paid for the game so its mine and there must be a way to take that messy isle of siptah patch away for those of us who dont want it.

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Because the download also includes mechanical updates, graphical assets, new building pieces and equipment that are usable in Exiled Lands, too. Therefore, if someone on a multiplayer Exiled Lands server builds something with the new building blocks, everyone on the server needs to see the buildings.


Unfortunately, this is not true. From Conan Exiles’s End User License Agreement, which you accepted upon purchase, specifically says:


Granted, most people don’t read most EULAs, but it’s there.


Very true though I cant recall any of the DLC’s being so large… Surely had they actually made it a DLC that you (you know) DOWNLOAD IF YOU BUY it so much grief could have been avoided.

But I’m tilting at a windmill again there aint I? (He said Quixotically)

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mhm , but if you play on an online server , and your computer has to fetch and donwload everytime you get near a dlc made ( that you don’t own ) base … the amount of people complaining dlc base lag them out ( or even kill them if said base was surrounded by spikes ) or render in too slowly would explode …

plus the fact that in those updates are also new content for the exiles land also as it is still getting updates

I agree. I have all dlc and siptah. But still i feel sorry for those who doesnt have and also need to download 50gb files to play current game.

I keep seeing this over and over, and it finally dawned on me that people truly don’t understand this. Let’s see if I can explain.

Forget about Siptah for a second and think about other DLCs. Let’s use Jewel of the West as an example, because it brings new armors, weapons, building pieces, and decorations. It’s a well-rounded DLC.

All of these things are added to the game itself. Even if you don’t have that DLC yourself, your game still needs to be able to access that content, because you might play on a server with people who have that DLC. That’s why DLC content is baked into the game itself and the only thing that changes when you buy the DLC is your ability to craft that content yourself.

Okay, so what about Siptah? Sure, it adds a new map. It also adds tons of content that you could encounter on a server, regardless of the map. The key is to understand that most of so-called Siptah-specific content isn’t really Siptah-specific.

Do you have any way to craft a delving bench on an official Exiled Lands server? No, at least not yet. But official servers are the tip of the iceberg. There’s literally nothing stopping a private server admin from running an Exiled Lands server and spawning in Siptah content. Not just buildings and decorations, but also wildlife, monsters, bosses, etc. I imagine they can also use Pippi to set up merchants that sell Siptah stuff, or custom-built dungeons with spawners that spawn Siptah bosses.

That’s why you have to “download 50 GB” to play the current game. Speaking of that number, the only reason people keep throwing it around is because that was the size of the update when Siptah was introduced. I’m not sure if anybody outside Funcom knows how much of that is actually Siptah-specific, but if anyone knows, it would be the mod developers.

And by “actually Siptah-specific”, what I’m talking about are things that are tied to that map, such as the vaults, the Tower, etc. That’s the stuff you can’t spawn in Exiled Lands as an admin, although I wonder if maybe modders can use it in their mods.

I hope this clarifies things a bit and helps people understand why things are not as simple as “I didn’t buy Isle of Siptah, so why should I have to download 50 GB?”


It’s a very good explanation CodeMage, well written :ok_hand:
Sadly I don’t think it will ever end the discussion about why peoples game grow in size with release of new dlc content no matter if they don’t want it.
The real problem is that people don’t really realize that this is necessary for the game to work in an online multiplayer server, had it been a singleplayer game only then no problem, besides bashing Funcom for it doesn’t do anything since most similar online multiplayer games does the exact same and for the exact same reasons :slight_smile:


Very good post indeed, CodeMage.

Just to add, there are already mods allowing that and you don’t even need to own Siptah because not everything Siptah “exclusive” is locked. Actually afaik, most of the stuff outside of the map itself is not locked for the normal user and can be accessed via the admin panel.


Did you read my first words before quote the second lol “I have all of them”. and yes i still feel bad for those who doesnt have dlc and need to download 50 gb of files. I wish there is another way but there isnt. No need to defend anything.

Yes, I did. Why?

I’m not defending, I’m explaining. You and I both have all the DLCs, but those who don’t might benefit from the explanation. Maybe even those who do, too.

I never bought any DLC , I was never interested. Also I never played online (multiplayer) 'cause I was never interested, still I had to download (hidden behind a paywall) all the DLCs, but this isn’t something I ever wanted.
I understand the “need” of downloading all the assets (so playing with other people online I can be hooked in wanting “their” kind of stuff and so on) but giving me the choice to download or not to download would have been better.
Maybe I could be blocked in online gaming due to the lack of DLC, but instead it would have been a choice of mine.
Downloading features that I will never use is not a good deal to me, simply I would have been able to choose…

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I already know. Its not about understanding. It was an “emotional reaction” to those who need to download 50gb of file even they dont have dlc. I dont need your explanation while you are trying to explain something i already know…

Good for you, but I never said I was explaining this only to you, solely for your benefit. You’re not the only one on these forums who has mentioned it. It has been a steady source of complaints, so I took the opportunity to explain it. On a public forum.


By Set… havent you quote my words? Ok whatever i quit arguing its pointless. Be safe on your journey exile.

Yes, I quoted your words, because your words were an example of what I keep seeing in other people’s complaints. And this is the third time I have to repeat that I’m not defending anything or directing this specifically at you.

Frankly, I don’t know what words you want me to use to make it any clearer. And I don’t care, either. If it’s somehow not clear by now that I was using your post as an opportunity to explain something that many people don’t understand – regardless of whether you personally understand it or not – then that’s your problem, not mine.