Not interested in buying isle of siptah so?

Well if you buy a game and after playing it for more than 1 year you are forced to buy an extension that you dont want its a ripp off.

Thank you tencent for turning a great survival game into a useless full of bugs wierd thing.

Did you read and try to understand CodeMage’s posting(s)? It is a technical reason!

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You are not forced to buy anything. If you don’t want to play on the new map, don’t buy it …

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One time I bought a game, it ran on a system with a Pentium 4 @1.8Ghz (a 32-bit processor a Radeon 8500 GPU, and 256MB of Ram. And it took up less than 1GB of my 13GB HDD. It ran on Windows 98SE. Do you know what the minimum requirements of that game is now?

The game was Everquest and the system requirements for the launcher alone are too high for the computer it used to run well on. It used to take up less than 1GB, hell it originally fit on a CD (750MB). Now it is over 12GB.

If were to have played EQ since then continuously, I would have had to fully replace my system at least 4 times. And you know what? Eventually this computer I play now will be unable to play it in the future (assuming Daybreak doesn’t screw up too much more). That is a game that has had 30 content updates much more expansive than Siptah.

And before anyone tries to claim ‘oh that’s an MMORPG, they do that’. No they didn’t. This was the FIRST one to do that. This is where the trend started. A game that could be developed on and added to for years, now Decades, after release.

EQ released in 1999. It will be releasing its 27th expansion next month.

I doubt Conan Exiles will be in development for 21 years. But it if it did. It will likely at some point take the better part of a 1TB SSD to run and yes eventually SSDs will be required, as they almost are already.

A game in development years after its release WILL require more hardware over time. This is how PC gaming is. This is what we ask of developers. When we ask for new content, when we ask for new changes, and new systems. The game gets bigger, the game requires better computers.

Funny thing is, Consoles are going this way too. Originally FF14 was on the PS3, it will likely require a PS5 to play in the near future (it requires PS4 now, PS3 is not supported).

My recommendation if this isn’t acceptable, is to play games no longer in active development. Because unfortunately for you, many of us play this because its in active development. What sense does it make to take away from us to give you what you want?


and to give another example, modern and also based on UE4
ARK requires base space of 60GB, or it used to, now I have 480GB SSD called ARKdrive, with 118GB of free space, oh and mods I have take circa 9GB

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I am curious about how many “those of us” this would apply to.
Any hands raised?
I believe you are overestimating how important your stubbornness is, and you are exaggerating and inventing “facts” to make your imaginary point.
Call it a day mate! Get some rest, and read the T&C’s!

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I still cannot figures out how 10cent is ruined the game all they did is buy the shares which game funcom funds to continue with ce and make more in the future of survival games witch is smart as it is the most growing game type in the world and hey I’m a billionaire… three months later wow I have trillions of dollars and I don’t have anything else to spend on lol. But they see golden calf’s to exploit for mass revenues in the future and that means them and their kids and their children and their children etc… will have a good life it’s just business as usual but this is the type of game play that’s incredible in increasing popularity so why not in vest now and be rich. Hell Walmart when it came if you had 500 dollars invested it would be worth 3.2 billion dollars and the smart took it and are very happy :smiley: if I was 10 cents I would do the same as long as there profits

If you buy a car lets say for 10.000 USD with X equipment, that car is yours as it is forever.
If one day the car manufacterers have changed the 4 wheels of your car for new super model wheels without you asking for them and wants 200 USD in return, you just have t.o take the new wheels off, give them back and continue with the car you bought, no matter how good those new wheels are, if you dont want them you dont have to buy them, and you can still drive the car you bought.Simple as that.
But you kids that dont know what earning money is feel that funcom has the right to impose a new expansion…well enjoy it kiddies and hope you get buggs for the next 6 months at least. When will you grow up diudes?
Time to change game bye bye.

that’s true for a car , but for any type of intellectual property as a book for example it’s lent to you by the author , this is why it’s illegal to reproduce the text inside or distribute it for free to others , sure as it is a physical object you can still pass your book to your child or friend for free , but now with virtual objects coupled with online services it gets real complicated real quick , and if you believe to have a good case why not take a lawyer ? and since you know how earning money feels better than others , why didn’t you read the EULA before spending that hard earn money ?


Will that make you stop throwing tantrums around here, in face of all of the calm and rational explanations multiple people have offered?

If so, bon voyage and please don’t look back.

I would recommend Super Mario Bros. But the latest version can slow down the latest hardware made by its publisher. So you might be SoL.

There’s always a deck of cards and solitaire. I don’t recommend the computer version as it too won’t run on the original hardware it was designed for!

I have at no time asked for or wanted Isle of Siptah.
One day I logged in, and it started downloading… It was awful. 60 gigs of nothing…
If anything, I have had nothing but trouble from the game since it was dumped in my laptop.

I’m not even into PVP, and I cannot even use Isle of Siptah, as it keeps posting this window saying that I am missing something in my computer… I don’t know, and I honestly don’t care. I never wanted to play it in the first place…

I just wish I had the game I bought. I never asked for more than the game I bought. I bought it back early in the fall a few months before Siptah.

I wish we could play a private game. I just wanted to explore exile lands and build bases and battle npcs on the odd days I have a break to myself.

Now I am struggling to rebuild my bases that I had perfectly done before all these new awful benches, extreme unneeded rule changes, and ridiculous glitches that were never fixed keep popping up.

I have never even been in a dungeon. Every server I have been on has been a ghost town. Worse yet, most of the people I meet are ill equipped to go into a dungeon lol

If you get any new players it will be nothing short of a miracle.

I would say we deserve our money back.
I never once agreed to buy Isle of Siptah, my game ruined, my personal time wasted, my enjoyment of the game is gone.
I can now see why the game was sold on a discount at Steam lol
Even conan unchained was better than this lol

“Deserve” is a moot point. We could argue all night about whether you deserve it or not, and it wouldn’t change anything.

If you meant to say you have the right to a refund, then that’s something that can be determined quite easily, by the game’s EULA and Steam’s refund policy.

You either bought it or you didn’t. Or are you implying someone forced you to buy it, that someone took your money against your wishes?

That sucks, but if we got paid every time something sucked in our lives, we would all be billionaires.

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NO I said we DESERVE a refund. I chose my words carefully. Please do not put words in my mouth. I say what I mean and I mean what I say… Thanks,

We paid for something, it was delivered, our game was tampered with without our consent, ergo, we DESERVE a refund.

We earned one by being cheated out of the game we bought in good faith. Had I known it was going to be ruined a few months after I made my purchase, I certainly would have never bought it in the first place.
I honestly thought it might be an improvement over conan unchained… I was clearly wrong.

I bought the game. I never bought Siptah. Stop suggesting I bought it. That is a lie. I never once bought Siptah. Nor would I want to. It started downloading and I couldn’t play my existing game without it.

I, like many players here, have been ripped off. We were promised one game and we had another one we never wanted dumped in our laps. Anywhere in the world, that is considered a scam or a con. A criminal act.

Therefore, if they were decent people, in the very least they would apologize for their clear and obvious mistakes they made to their own game.

That is because a large chunk of the 60 gb download was updates to the core game and new assets that are needed by everyone in order to be able to play on the same servers, same as with all the previous dlcs (if you didn’t have the assets, then when someone uses those things on a server you’re on, you wouldn’t be able to see or interact with them at all - for instance, if you didn’t have the assets from the Imperial East dlc, then you would fall through Khitan floors because they wouldn’t exist at your end).

I understand your frustration with things changing - but Funcom has been continuously updating CE since it began - mounts didn’t exist till around April, and featured a whole bunch of changes that came along with them, followers weren’t able to be levelled up until some point at the start of the year (before that they were ‘fixed’ as they came out of the wheel) and again lots of changes along with that, the whole commands and ‘stances’ system for followers was only added this summer, a much requested feature that finally provided a greater measure of control over followers behaviour, but again brought a whole raft of changes. That’s been the pattern for CE (and many other games) - they continue to update and ‘improve’, and some like the changes and some don’t.

I’ve been where you are - a previous game I played changed in major ways I strongly disliked - and it sucks - it feels like something great has just been taken away from you. In the end I stopped playing that game (and came here - where I’m one of the ‘lucky’ ones - I’m enjoying a lot of the changes I’ve encountered in CE, or at least neutral towards them, so they’re ‘fine for me’, which doesn’t mean they’re fine for everyone).

One thing I do wish Funcom would do differently is the ‘pushed’ updates - if people were free to rollback to whatever version they prefer (accepting that they lose all features and dlcs released past that date), then I think that would relieve a lot of people’s complaints. Sure official servers would obviously have to be on the latest version, but surely it wouldn’t be that complicated to allow solo players and private servers to use whatever version they prefer (and it would be up to the players/servers to ensure they use the correct compatible version)? Unfortunately, the EULA includes a specific term that we all agree to accept any and all updates to the game - I noticed it at the time and didn’t much like it, but I still clicked ‘agree’ because I wanted to play the game. That’s just how it is…

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You gave your consent when you bought the game. It’s in the EULA you accepted:

In other words, they have the legal right to change the game any way they want. So no, you don’t “deserve” a refund. At best, you might deserve some sympathy for not liking the game anymore, but you’re not likely to get it by throwing a temper tantrum on the forums.

You’re the one who said “I never once agreed to buy Isle of Siptah”. What does it matter that you didn’t “agree to buy it” if you didn’t buy it?

Please show me where Funcom promised you a specific game. I’ll wait.

No place in the world has those laws. Your ignorance of laws is not an excuse for your entitlement.

If I order something and it comes and then it is changed without my consent I get my money back or I refuse to participate or I sue. I have actions I can take. That’s the law in the US. I don’t know where you live.

At the time I bought the game, Siptah didn’t exist nor did I want it.

I guess I’m out then and Funcom is out of a customer.

Thanks for nothing.

​​Customer Returns and Refund Laws by State - FindLaw

In other words, you have no idea what the laws actually say, you do not understand the difference between purchasing a product and purchasing a right to use software, nor the legal ramifications of that difference. Got it.

If I had a dime for every time I saw that kind of entitled outrage and that vague threat of lawsuit on these forums…

…I would probably only have a couple of dollars, because most people here are educated enough to have a basic understanding of how laws work :smiley:

I also live in the US. That’s one of the reasons why I read the damn EULA and TOS and stuff like that, because this country is the world leader when it comes to coming up with innovative ways to screw the users in perfectly legal ways :laughing: