Play without base game

This so called expansion is not connected to the base game. You cannot go from one to the other.

I should be able to play this without all the extra space needed for the base game.
I’m not going to waste ~80GB of space for a game I’m not going to play.

You do realize aside from the map it is the same game right? Without those assets you won’t have a player model, 99% of items, building sets, and it would be a chaotic mess of missing meshes and textures.

An expansion expands the game, not replaces it.

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There are many many gigabytes of data that’s used in the base game that is NOT used in this “expansion”.

If you think it takes 104 GB of data to play Siptah, you’re clueless.

Hey Solo-Tango,

The Isle of Siptah DLC requires the base game to function.

You can browse this thread for some explanation:

If you have any questions, you should post them in the above thread.

First of all that’s pretty rude.

Secondly, no u if you think they can just splice together a core without shared map assets and trim the files just if you don’t want the base map installed.

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