Anyway to skip patch isle of siptah?

Since new patch was dowloaded I cant play, after message CONNECTING TO FUNCOM LIVE SERVERSD I get a fatal error message, cant play either offline or online.
Ive played more than 2000 hours of this game.
Is there anyway to skip ot ignore this new patch, il never buy it?

You also patching the base game. It’s re-configuring the game for use with multiple maps of which the vanilla map is one of them. As such all servers will require an updated patch to play. It’s 64GB download with or without the purchase of the DLC.

There is some updates to the base game beyond the ability to use multiple maps.

Some of the graphics, textures, vegetation, and overall assets are updated to use a bigger resolution even in the Exiled Lands.

Only the light mass and dynamic extruding effects are reserved to maps in Isle of Siptah.

On top of that, if you share a server with someone who has the DLC, they can build assets from it, and you can see and might be able to use them, so your game must have the data for it.

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