Just how much of the 61 gig patch was base game and how much was siptah?

Just wondering how much of that big patch was for the base game and how much was for the expansion I did not pay for?

Which goes to the point of I did not buy it and it does not connect to the base game why are you taking up room on my computer for something I am not interested in?

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I’m pretty sure that you didn’t add +61 gb into your game. But rather, you redownloaded a lot of updated content, that would then overwrite what was already in your game files. I’m sure that part of it is the Siptah dlc, but probably not as much as it seems.

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I re-installed the game from scratch on another PC and my full download with Siptah included was 69 GB. If I remember correctly before all the updates on graphics, healing, temperature, etc. the full download was 53-56 gb. So actually not that much was added, just most of the stuff had to be re-downloaded due to changes on the files. Basically, you are doing a fresh install of the game which is why it was suggested for the people who have issues with the update/space to get a backup of their save and simply reinstall the game.

With this information we can answer the OP’s question.

So 8GB. 69-61=8

Sigh guess i have to redownload the whole game again when, at least it wont hog additional 60GBs, i hope.

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