Why do I have to download 60 GB of Siptah when I do not own it?

Hey there,

As some players have explained above, this patch does not include Siptah assets only, but many changes to the base files including new granite bakes for base game assets.
It is true we could’ve sent an additional announcement informing about the size of this patch, but it has been out in Testlive for the good chunk of a week where its size was roughly the same as the final update. It was no particular secret.
Future patches will affect both the Siptah map and the Exiled lands as they are part of the same game. Balance updates, bug fixes, all will continue to apply to the Exiled lands as well. Future patches will likely not be as big in size as this one, but that’s also why this was called update 2.0. There’s been a lot of optimization that, while not looking as flashy in the patchnotes as other changes, do have a significant impact on the game, as some server admins have already noticed.