On Age of Conan Contests

The idea of having contests by Funcom are not anything really new, I would like to throw out some suggestions for contests for Age of Conan.

Writing: RP Stories/Poetry/Prose in the world of Conan. Limit the length, to make judging easier.

Art: Sure- screen shots, or other original concept art from the world of Conan.

Fashion Shows: Best vanity gear, most deadly looking gear, etc.

Prizes: Funcom points, subscriptions, gear, shards, so on. Things we can use in-game. (No vanity unless it is really, really cool) and NO POSTERS

Since Funcom staff is seemingly short- call upon Celebrities to be guest judges. Wil Weaton, Jim Parsons, and Arnold himself. Funcom CEO, the list is endless.

Don’t laugh, you never know if until you ask. Once in an art class, we had an assignment to write celebrities of our chosing to see if we could get a response, preferable autographed. Indeed some were successful, some were not and I still have my Charles Schluz autographs somewhere (not original art though, but signed photocopies, hey its something)

The sky is the limit, with a little creativity Funcom could easily put something fairly simple together- eh, well I can dream anyway. :european_castle:

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WoW has “trial of style” event every month where people vote on transmog, winner gets vanity type rewards. Not a bad idea.

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Never heard of that Kropt. Is that an announced event? Curious, concerned and Nosey…K

Yeah they have a calendar you can just click on it and all their upcoming events are just there for you to plan for.

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