Think outside the box, and let the community support you

I feel like the development team is to lock down and narrow in their focus. You could have community events, and challenge the community. To come up with the best armor set. And the top three contestants would have their armor set added to the game, with recognition in the item description. That way they had a little bit of legacy, of course their contributions would be towards the community and they would only be reimbursed through recognition maybe a free DLC. But I know a lot of people would submit entries and it would drive publicity for the game. You could do that for weapons, armor sets, unique building tiles, a variety of stuff and that way you Outsource some of the development of the game to the community in exchange for recognition. Kind of like how Skyrim does it. But everything has to be supported on public servers no more this mod stuff, that only can be played on your desktop


Good idea. I like it a lot. :orange_heart:

It’s a decent enough idea. As long as their were some restrictions in place.

To prevent the tweens from coming up with ridiculous armor or weapon concepts that didn’t really fit into Conan at all.


I say why not. We have some very creative individuals in our community. Just look at some of the brilliant work which emerged through the building contest, the fanworks threads and even things like the pillow building. Good idea BrokenFang.

Isn’t this why we have the Suggestions forum? To give new ideas to game designers.

Themed community events could work to support this, but they would by necessity have a narrow scope because you couldn’t really suggest a cool new thrall type in an event where you’re supposed to design a new polearm.

The Suggestions forum, even though it’s a huge chaotic mess, allows us to express our ideas freely and without the limitations of community events.


Kapoteeni no offence intended, but are you certain you are not misunderstanding this thread? I dont want to speak for BrokenFang, but my take on this was different. The two are not oppositional, and I certainly do not percieve them that way. The forum would still exist and continue to function as it always has, including offering a Suggestions sub-section. Which for for the record, much like the suggestions section itself, I like. This would not be superseding the suggestions section. These would be nothing more than periodic contests which capture creative fan designs. I know for Resident Evil 0 Capcom held a contest where players were asked to design t-shirts for one set of the two characters alternate outfits. The winning designs of those same shirts are now available on the ps4 store as a free download for fans. We also had the building contest quite recently, and it was a success and showcased some phenomenal creativity. Similarly, there was the giveaway of Conan’s Atlantean Sword to PC players who assisted with testlive. What is wrong with asking fans to provide creative concepts for say, a set of Armour in a contest periodically, in addition to the usual goings on here? If they looked good, I would buy them. I simply dont get the opposition to additional community activities.

In other words the purpose of the forum is supposed to answer anything useful enough that may have escaped dev team’s awareness while contests are dev team’s way to make an impact of a surgical precision.

So from a developer’s perspective a forum is an “AoE” tool while contests are tools that aim “single specific” targets instead; or a “cone” pattern. From our perspective it’s the other way around. In a forum we provide specific data based on our rather flavoured situations and contests provide us a chance to gain wider vision instead.

Yes, I’m certain. Are you certain you’re not minunderstanding my post? As I said, community events could complement the forums - I was just pointing out that those events would by necessity be narrow in scope, compared to the Suggestions forum. There was no “opposition to additional community events” in my post.

Community events that result in new game content are precision instruments where the game designer usually already has an idea for the game, and the community is involved in just deciding the specifics. Community events like that are usually popular and often have great results too, as far as I’ve seen with other games - but they’re still game design by game designers, with just cosmetic details decided by the community.

Which is fine. It gives players the sense of involvement. It lets them be creative within specificed parameters. But it won’t, and cannot, be the primary tool for player input, because the initiative for those events will always come from the game developer’s side.

“Design a new aquatic boss creature” is a good idea for a community event. The developer gives us the parameters (e.g. “it should be a challenging fight for level ~40 players, it needs an AOE attack for crowd control, and a watery environment should be involved in some manner”) and let players come up with something. But “What sort of cosmetic items would you like to see next?” would not work.

So you see, I’m not opposing community events, I’m specifying their use.

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I would love to see a speedrun event run by funcom, that would be fun !

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