Consider greater public outreach initiatives, like one sees with Ark: Survival Evolved and Valheim!

Like most people in the survival genre, I play several other survival titles too. One thing I’ve noticed consistently with larger games that may not be as detailed or polished overall as Conan is that the teams behind those games are much more engaged with their playerbases than Funcom seems to be.

Communicating regularly and reliably with playerbases can offer considerable benefits. Studio Wildcard, the team behind Ark, can probably credit its outreach initiatives with helping to navigate the potentially disastrous news that their current version of the game will shutter on Official at the end of September. It’s literally a dead game walking and still has 50,000+ players on Steam alone at the time of this posting.

Valheim is still in active development, but Iron Gate’s pacing is considerably slower compared to others in their field. To keep from alienating their playerbase, at least one of the developers there interacts almost daily with community members on their official Discord. I’m aware that the largest Discord server dedicated to CE isn’t an official one, but I’m sure its owners wouldn’t mind at all if someone popped around to talk shop! :slight_smile:

I’m aware that outreach is not without its downsides. However, I would argue that the benefits outweigh the potential for running into remarks and commentary that are wholly uncalled for and offer no constructive feedback whatsoever. Seems like the forums have some decent moderation, and the community-driven Discord appears to be tightly-run as well. Strong moderation makes it much easier to seperate the wheat from the chaff, as it were.

I think that might already be a consideration your dev house has made, though, given that there was initiative this time around in securing an official Discord server for Dune: Awakening. Come on out and see us more on the Conan Exiles server. We’d love to talk with you! :smiley:

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They used to communicate with the playerbase a lot more. They don’t anymore. The priorities have shifted over time. Everyone should draw their own conclusions about what the new priorities are :wink:


Agreed on more communication.

However, under no circumstances should a fan run Discord server be the place where a company communicates on any level unless they are willing to do so on every Conan centered server.

While many will say there have been no favoritism… A simple look at the closed beta test for AoS where they chose players instead of sending out a call for interested testers says a lot.

Imagine if Blizzard did that?

The game is amazing. The management and handling is not.

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Hey, I’m on that fan run discord, what’s wrong with it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Answered my own question :wink:

I’ve said we need a players counsel that funcom listens to. I know who’d I like on it, but I doubt seriously any of them would be interested :grin:


That is a great idea!

It’s too much like these forums. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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