On my G-Portal server Thralls will not attack players

Game mode: [PvP | Multiplayer ]
Problem: [ Thralls not attacking players ]
Region: US Mid

My server which I recently bought is meant to be a two faction constant war. We have alot setup and I want every interaction will an enemy thrall to result in a fight. But when a member of either faction tries to fight the thralls, they just stand there. Taking zero damage.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Walk up to enemy thrall
  2. They don’t attack you
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Do you have building damage turned on? Do you have pvp on a timed setting or 24/7 I have a pve-c server and if building damage is not turned on thralls won’t attack. Good luck. I am sure that there are others who can add more. @Vikingr.

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